Case Study

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magnetic ring

Acetal bush for U.S. market

One of our American customers was purchasing an acetal bush from a source within the United States, our magnet ring was then glued onto this bush to produce a hub component.
The problem was that the tolerances on the polymer part and our magnet ring meant that on occasions during the assembly and gluing process, the magnetic ring magnet would snap as the interference fit was too great.

We undertook some developmental work by manufacturing our own acetal bush and overmoulding our magnetic material directly onto it. This reduced cost to our customer by eliminating dual sourcing of both parts and a secondary gluing operation. However, the lifespan of some of the components was still not achieving the desired results.

The final solution was to redesign the component ourselves, manufacturing the whole component from our nylon based magnetic polymer. This eliminated the requirement for a secondary moulding or gluing process and produced a complete component straight from the moulding press. Thus reducing all quality issues and giving our customer a complete cost effective solution.